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Leading with humanity when AI joins your team

Updated: Jan 31

Whether you like it or not, AI has joined your team. It may be integrated at a system level. It may be a 'silent partner' guiding your team as they write, design, code or plan. Whatever it's contribution, AI has huge implications for how you lead. Teams need to be supported through this change in a way which feels authentic and relevant. Just because AI feels like a 'robot invasion' we don't have to lose sight of our humanity. Here are some prompts for thinking about how you can lead with humanity when AI joins your team.

  1. Encourage ethical discussion. When technology 'moves fast and breaks things' ethical matters can get pushed aside. Take responsibility for asking the hard questions and encourage your teams to think about the ethical implications of integrating AI.

  2. Lean into feelings of unease. The term 'uncanny' describes the particularly odd feeling we experience when something looks human but is not. Feeling uneasy when we experience the uncanny is normal, so try to make space for your own, and other's, feelings of unease.

  3. Find what makes you curious. AI is here to stay, and while it's not possible to know everything, consider finding an area of AI which personally or professionally interests you. Don't leave it up to social media to feed you information. Deliberately choose news services and thought leaders who you find both inspiring and informative.

  4. Consider generational view-points. With five generations in the modern workplace, there will be varied responses to shifts in ways of working. It's too easy to fall into patterns such as Boomer vs Gen Z thinking. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your own generational viewpoint and encourage others to do the same.

  5. Be aware of how you react to change. AI can seem overwhelming, but it is change like any other. Take a moment to consider how you generally react to change. Note your coping strategies and be mindful of how well they are working for you in other areas of change.

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