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Coaching for Empathy, Communications and Leadership Skills

Are you a high-achiever who has hit a ceiling? Are you increasingly being told you should show more empathy, improve your communication skills or elevate your team leadership? And - this is the crucial part - you believe you ALREADY have these skills?

Why aren’t your abilities being recognised? Where is the disconnect?

I can help you figure this out. Coaching sessions with me involve;

  • diving deep into your leadership style, uncovering nuances and potential blind spots

  • identifying and honouring your strengths, looking at how these might be undervalued by the organisation (and perhaps by you)

  • space to think about how much you want to adjust. Change is no good if it makes you lose sight of yourself, your values or your greater sense of purpose in life

I work relationally, giving real-time feedback on what it feels to be like with you, which can be a rare and valuable experience. Sessions with me can be challenging, and I will push you to think about old problems in new ways. Clients regularly tell me the effort is worth it, as they gain better self-awareness and find ways to lead which feel both authentic and sustainable.

Every session is focused on what is best for you, with a strong emphasis on practical application.

If this sounds like the coaching partnership you've been looking for, go to my services page for more details.

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