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Getting started with finding a therapist

Updated: Feb 12

I'm a volunteer counsellor for Mind and I love the Time to Talk campaign. Lives can be changed when we find #timetotalk. If you're thinking of finding a professional to talk to, here's some tips I've learned as a therapist:

It's ok to shop around

Not everyone clicks with the first therapist they see. If you aren't feeling the vibe with your therapist, find another one! If you aren't feeling it, chances are they aren't either. They would rather see you find someone you are more comfortable working with.

Therapy should be a little bit hard

Think of it like going to the gym. If you keep coming away from sessions without feeling like you've done any work, it might not be the best use of your time. But hard work shouldn't do damage. Like the gym, there is a difference between good pain and bad pain. Trust yourself to know the difference, and move on if you need to.

Therapy isn't just for life's crisis points

If you want to think deeply about your life, where you are going and what your purpose is, you can find a therapist to support you in what we call ‘deep work’. Try searching for existential therapists or trans-personal therapists as a starting point.

Online and face to face therapy have different benefits

Both are great, but it's a different experience. Something powerful happens when two people share the same physical space. If you can manage it, it's really worth venturing out into the cold and finding parking.

Online therapy can be a really practical choice if you have difficulties traveling to see someone in person. It can also open up a world of possibilities. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. If you live abroad and struggle with feeling like a foreigner, maybe get an online therapist in your home country. If you've ever thought about relocating, seek out a therapist from the place you're thinking about moving to. Ever wanted to see a New York analyst or French Existentialist? Just search and book! Start by looking for the main qualifying organisations in the country, then search their lists of therapists.

Good luck with your search, and please keep making #timetotalk.

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